Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Ways To Wear: Graphic Tops

Before writing this post, I am totally aware that graphic tops are quite possibly the easiest thing to style on this earth. However, sometimes we only think to pair graphic tees with denim cut-offs, when they really can look so awesome layered over dresses, and can also be used as a good way to create a certain look for an outfit, so my post here to help some gals who may not be as imaginative and creative and are looking for knew ways to style this big staple piece (everyone has to have at least ONE graphic tee in their closet, right?!), or for those who are just looking for some extra style tips and a different point of view.

 I hate buying graphic tops, especially tees, because I initially tend to feel like they aren't stylish at all and that I won't look stylish while wearing one, but that's so untrue and it sometimes it does take layering one over a denim top and polka dot dress to find that out, but I do keep buying them because I love the way they look and I especially enjoy wearing something that I love so dearly on my shirt (please note that I mostly only own band tees and NY-related tees). So, hopefully this helps some of you out there find new ways to style your graphic tops and tees! 

- - - 

Outfit #1: For this outfit, I was pairing around the leopard sneakers, so I wanted to go for a more grungy, rock 'n' roll kind of look. Simple cutoffs with my favorite vintage Aerosmith tee and some pantyhose created that look, but in a simple every-day kind of way. When wearing just your simple tee and cut-offs/jeans, if you're looking for ways to style it up I would definitely say it's all in what shoes and accessories you wear that creates either that more dressed down or dressed up look you're trying to achieve!

Outfit #2: I wore this outfit for my job interview at Aeropostale, and before I left I had originally decided on the denim shirt over the polka dress, and that was it. But, at the last minute I thought about this NY graphic tee and was wondering if I should wear it over the dress instead of the denim shirt, but I just put it over both to create a more fun and young look that is perfect for working at Aero! I added in the three-layer pearl necklace and some red accessories with my vintage Louis Vuitton bag to do a bit of mixing of patterns and styles. Not my everyday style, but it was fun and cute to wear it for that day, and I would definitely wear it again!

Outfit #3: This past school year I was really into tying blouses and t-shirts over my sleeveless and thin-strapped dresses to prevent getting dress coded at my school, and I found it to be really cute also! This outfit I was trying to style a floral summery graphic top for fall, so I paired with many tans and browns to give it a more natural fall look.

Outfit #4: I loved these pants early last year and in 2012 as well because they're so rock 'n' roll and I originally wanted them because I was inspired by this black and white striped jumpsuit Steven Tyler used to wear sometimes during the 70s. But, since I wore these pants in that outfit, I feel that they've gotten a bit of a bad rep ever since Robin Thicke wore that full on striped suit at the 2013 VMA's and got compared to Beetlejuice. Oh well, even though I don't think I'm ever gonna wear them again they are still cute in my opinion, and I paired them with lots of red in this outfit, adding to their rocker look by wearing a Rolling Stones tee with them. 

Outfit #5: The other day I wore this outfit, and I put together a very girly but urban outfit around this Brooklyn graphic top that I got from Kohl's. It was simple but cute, and really great for this transitional period from summer to fall. I gave it a little pop of color by adding in my blue suede-look Nila Anthony bag. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Off-The-Shoulder Skaters + Slip-on Sneakers

Wearing: Quiz coral "Bardot" skater dress, Kohl's leopard print slip-ons, Banggood clutch, ZeroUV sunglasses.

While this dress is in a more classic style and like the name, Bardot-inspired, the bright coral (in person it's very vibrant, almost like a neon, but didn't pick up well on camera) really made me look at it as a more modern dress, so I styled it as such. I wanted to go for a simple, girly, playful sort-of casual look, so I went with my leopard slip-on sneakers from Kohl's, which I cannot seem to take off....maybe it's because I'm so late on this trend, and I have so many ideas for them built up inside my head! For the accessories, I kept it simple with my favorite envelope clutch from Banggood and black sunnies from ZeroUV. I do really love this dress and outfit, but for some reason don't find the way I styled it to be very flattering on me. Maybe it's just the photos, but this is why I usually try to say with wearing heels, my legs are just so short that I feel they look stubby without some sort of heel helping to lengthen them! But I did get another one of these same dresses except in a super summery white and blue floral pattern...and maybe it's too late for that too since fall is approaching, but it's Florida, so I still got some time left, and I'm going to style it super cute as a way of leaving Summer 2014 with a bang!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

September Wishlist!

september 14

This month I'm really wanting to focus on my favorite fall colors, which would be lots of beiges and tans, and of course, deep and bold reds, my absolute favorite! I usually tend not to wear too much red during the spring and summer months because most of the in style shades of red are very bright and borderline orange, rather than a bolder red. I've also been so obsessed with this style of Gucci bag as well, I actually like the vintage style of this bag from the 80s more than the new ones for some reason, and I also just won a bid on one today for $230 so you'll be seeing lots of outfits with the same Gucci bag this fall...but it's just such a classic bag and I've wanted one ever since I was little (yes I knew what Gucci was when I was 5 lol!) I'm really into sticking with simpler, more classic styles for these upcoming months, so why not wish for more striped tops and fit-and-flare skirts?